Lucy Wood
Lucy Wood

Lucy, who has Cerebral Palsy, started blogging when she realised that the public where obsessed with the fact that most disabled people are inspirational Paralympians. Lucy is neither of these things and started to share her life as an average disabled person. The Four Wheeled Wonder Woman debuted, with a dollop of sense of humour and buckets of honesty, readers seemed to really like it.

In 2018 using her Media degree and experience at the BBC as Production Staff, a Vlog was added to the mix, so people could not only read about her disability, but see it first hand, she’s working alongside AccessAble to help show people what it’s really like to be disabled in 2018

Lucy says ‘One of the biggest problems to finding equality for disabled people is fear, I believe if disabled people are open and honest about our lives it breaks down barriers and suddenly strangers become friends, and society gets better.

Lucy lives in Staffordshire with her Family and loves live music. Pub quizzes, comedy, has a passion for cinema and spending time with her friends – in her spare time she is currently studying for her Level 1 in British Sign Language

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