For Hire

Why should my disability mean that I miss out on a career where I can shine, feel respected useful and wanted? As I write this, I’m coming to terms with the shock of redundancy, I turn 31 in a few days and I have lost my job, something which gave me an identity and in […]

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An Alien in my own Minority

There’s no rule book for being disabled, nobody tells you what life is going to be like when you are diagnosed with a condition or you find that life has decide to take a detour. Your thrown in at the deep end and told to swim. For a while, you seek a solace in others […]

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Off grid & Free 

Like any Twenty (pushing thirty, but keep that quiet, yeah) woman I have grown up with a social media influenced life..  It started with MSN messenger, and my notoriously bad, failing attempts at flirting with that boy I liked for an hour on a weeknight and most Saturday mornings, after  SM:tv Live of course. Little […]

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Silent Understanding

I hate the word inspirational, but yesterday I heard a story about a ten year old little boy that made me, very nearly use the term.  Ten year old Jonathan was born with a severe disability, unable to speak, feed himself, or even hold his own head up, many people thought that he was incapable […]

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Disability does not mean death 

As I write this blog, There’s a protest happening at s movie premier in London.  I adore the movies, TV and entertaining people, but it seems the media doesn’t really like me. Repeatedly making people with Disabilities the villains in bond films, the pathetic protagonist or with wild accusations that my life isn’t fulfilled as […]

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