Don’t hate, Celebrate

“Say what you like about Lady Gaga, she’s a shining example of how difference can be curiously beautiful”


They were my comments when I heard about Lady Gaga standing upto critics who commented on her weight.  To me Lady Gaga has always been a bit unique, you probably wouldn’t catch me turning up at a party wearing a meat dress or arriving in an egg but there is no denying she’s memorable.


It’s only the last few days I’ve come to realise that Lady Gaga is a fantastic ambassador for Diversity and that it wasn’t just a gimmick to sell records.  I knew that Lady Gaga had a massive online community of fans that she calls ‘Little Monsters’. But it was only after these criticisms surfaced I realised how fiercely pro active she was about difference, how these things should be celebrated and not trotten down and diminished.


She called for her ‘little monsters’ to ‘take part in a body revaluation’She posted a photo of herself that was taken when she was suffering from anorexia.  And called for fans to post pictures, telling them to ‘Be brave and celebrate from us with your ‘perceived flaws’, as society tells us. “Make our flaws famous and thus redefine the heinous.”

What followed make my heart swell with pride and a weird wave of confidence. Fans posted photos of scars, missing limbs, disfigurements and many other things that society wouldn’t consider beautiful, and an amazing thing happened, instead of ridicule, stares and ill thought, offensive ridicule was an out pour of love and support.

People were revealing pictures of how and what that tattoo that everyone thought was cool was hiding.  That one thing they hated about there body that they daren’t show because they felt it makes them ugly

You see, whatever way you look at it, I will always be an ‘outcast’. My disability doesn’t hold me back mentally, or physically. Society does. It doesn’t matter how much campaigning, sporting events you witness or positive blogs you read, there will always be a pocket of resistance for whatever reason toward us.

After the outpouring of bravery shown by her fans, Lady Gaga posted this statement:

I have never considered myself beautiful, I hate my body and have a lot of confidence issues that they didn’t tell  me I’d have as a youngster, when I look at my body, I feel an odd wave of hatred towards it. I’ve never blamed human error for my disability, so when I see my disfigured legs and feet, I hate myself, of the all the things my body screwed up why was it that?              Why did it rob me of the basic right to run? Why wasn’t I just given acne and left alone.

What Gaga said was right, Seeing the photos of Gaga’s Little Monsters made me realise, I should be proud of what I am, it’s what makes me, me. So what if the media see me as an outcast. If we were all perfect and normal the world would be boring and uniformed.  The socially misunderstood and the different are the rainbows in a grey ordinary day.

We are though a tiny voice, which can all too often get drowned out by the noise of perfection banging its drum.  We need more people like Gaga to promote, difficulties and differences of life, or question those who criticize with no real idea of what our life is like, talking or singing about issues that could, at any moment appear in the life of someone with a perfect existence and making you just like me.

My body and I have been through a lot together, fought battles and won wars. I shouldn’t hate it. I should feel proud it’s still here and has no sign of quitting yet.

Thank you Lady Gaga, you brilliant, meat dress, mad hat wearing ambassador.

You’ve helped to make me realise just how beautiful I am.

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