Dreamin’ aint getting you anywhere

If you were to pin me down, shine a light in my eyes and threaten me with death if I didn’t tell you what my dreams were, I would have to tell you this:


I wish I had your life.

I wish I had legs that work.

I wish I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


I wish I was average.

Average job.

Average life.  Average.

But I would just be lying. I don’t have dreams, all they do is make you feel disappointed when you’ve put every thing in to them and they just don’t work.  Dreams aren’t real and  the dreams I have are so unobtainable, its pointless wasting your life on things that are never going to happen.

Dreaming lets me dwell on the things I haven’t got and will never have. I’m a big believer in fete.  Even if at the time, you don’t understand why life has thrown up the problems you’ve got, there has to be a reason for everything. Even if the thing that happens hurts you, the pain you have is something you can learn from.

Dreamers spend most of their life seeking perfection, they’ll spend months, years even aiming for that thing that will make it alright, and when they get it, they are dissatisfied and feel like life needs tweeking. They loose sight of what’s real.

I have come to terms with the fact that my dreams are never going to achieved.  It’s taken me a long time to loose the feeling of ‘it’s not fair’. As a teen I would have an attitude.  I realized that it was a poisonous way of thinking, not just to me bit to others around me.

I decided that I should turn those negative feelings into a positive force, don’t spend your life dreaming about what you want to happen or what could happen. Living for today, and making memories that last is what I’m all about.

Life is a bitch, but she’s totally do able, she’ll knock you around, and then she’ll led you a hand.

This is the hand I’ve been given, there’s no way out of this and I can either sit, blaming other folks for my misfortune or I can get on with it.

You have to work at life. It’s never going to be perfect, get your head out of the clouds.  What’s imperfect to you is someone elses dream.

I’m thankful for my life.  Despite the shit. I’m happy to have the life I have.  I’m not average, and never will be this hand I’ve been dealt is amazing, I’ve experienced some amazing events, met amazing people,

I’m not average, but at least I’m not boring…

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