We won’t bite.

I have lived my life whilst being stared at as people, not always the young, look at me like I’m an alien, not knowing what to say for fear of causing offence.

These days, kids are brought up with TV shows rammed wall to wall with disabled people in shows like Ballamory and Tracey Beaker, nobody makes a big deal about it.

Channel 4 asked members of the public at the end of the Olympics and a staggering amount of people said that it would definitely change their view of the differently abled.  It made me wonder where the fear, stigma around disabled people came from in the first place.

Is it a Environmental factor that’s made people cautious of the us?  People don’t know any disabled people, so that’s why they clam up, it can’t be, can it?  I have met so many strangers whose opening line is ‘It’s alright my Best Mates Brothers, Sister in Law is blind, and she’s sound’ surely the 6 degrees of separation kick in somewhere.

Telling me you’re nervous of the Disabled, because you don’t normally ‘deal with them’ is, to be quite frank, a cop out. You don’t you probably don’t normally deal with foreigners, but yet you still manage to pluck up the courage to talk to them about our shitty weather. You don’t look at them with the same petrifying fear you look at me with… And I speak English.

Maybe it’s the Media we need to blame for the culture that I feel like I’m fighting.  Disability and Villains have, for years sat hand in hand, and while this achieves the look of menace to an audience has done nothing to make us look like sane, happy, for filled individuals.

Television has always loved a sob story, whack some Coldplay behind my average life and it’ll sound heroic. My life is not dramatic, it’s not inspiring, yes it’s has had it’s challenging but so yours.

Despite what the Media tells you, I’m not a wimp, I don’t cry for days on end, and I definitely won’t kill you.  I am a cripple, I can’t kick you, and the worst you’re going to come out with is a bit of dribble on your shirt.  Not so bad, is it? See…


I get so frustrated with life, not the day to day stuff. That I can cope with, the fear and barriers and pre conceptions that society hold about me does more harm than good, Society and its narrow mindedness that is my biggest disability.   It’s stops strangers becoming acquaintances, acquaintances becoming friends, and friends from becoming lovers

‘We’re all wonderful people so when did we all get so fearful,’ As Emile Sande said…Many, many times over the Olympic Opening Ceremony. She has a point

I wish I could show you how beautiful this life of mine is, sure it’s not perfect, but I’d rather be here like this, than not.  I’m not defined by my disability, but there’s no getting away from it. I see it as character building, I’m harder than you think, have had more hurdles to jump than Sally Gunnel and I’m still here, who’s given you the idea that we are something to fear, where did it come from and what do we do to banish the fears?

If 11 days worth of Sport in the UK was all it took to change your mind, we’d of done it years ago.

We’re a little different, there’s no need to be scared…

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