In another life….

It’s my birthday in a few weeks, a time to celebrate.  For me, birthdays carry an extra significance. I am very socially aware that I am one of the luckier ones, my disability does not affect my life span, I should in theory live a full and healthy life.  I have had to bear the curse of outliving most of my disabled peers however, something that never gets any easier.

I was born prematurely, something that has, as far as medical boffins are concerned contributed to my disability.

When I think about what my life could have been like, it sometimes blows my mind. In the same way that if my Parents think about how a fax machine works.

If I’d arrived in the late 80s on the month I should have been what would my life have been like?  Let me introduce you to a Wonder Woman without wheels… (the able bodied me)

She’s able bodied, fit as a fiddle and body confident, stylish and has so many pairs of shoes it is ridiculous.

Making a living from her photography, she’s the first one people call when they need exciting imagery.. She learnt her craft in University after gathering alright results at School  she spent 3 years on the top floor of the campus memories of lugging equipment up a flight of steps still fill her with dread.

Aged 26 she’s living in A Bustling city, amongst friends, living with a boyfriend. She has a habit of over doing on the occasional Friday night when her pals plan a spontaneous outing.

Well travelled, this chick has seen some amazing sights, from the bright lights of NYC to feeling the warmth of the Sun on her back in Italy.  There are many perks to having a pair of legs that work that’s for sure…

Of course for me that is all fantasy and something that will never be.  Sure to walk would be a dream, but If I had lived the life of the other me, I don’t know if I would have the traits of the real me.

Would I be as socially aware as others?

Would my friends be as loyal as the ones I have?

Would I have been able to experience the things that I have been so lucky to have thrown my way as a disabled person?

Would a pair of working legs really make me happy?

My life as a Four Wheeled Wonder woman is by no means perfect, I have endured people believing that because my legs are useless, so then, must I be.  but it’s because of this I have the most incredible friends, a family who value the small steps that I make.

I am a fighter, strong and stand up for what I believe to be right.  I am unique. Far more memorable than any other able bodied 26 year old I know.

You can keep your legs.. Life is not perfect, but thats just a perception of those who don’t know my story

One thought on “In another life….

  1. This is wonderful! I, too, am in a wheelchair (double-amputee) and often think as you do: What if? And then I realize that somehow, in some way, we really may be the luckier ones compared to our able-bodied peers. Life has made us learn to be a certain way and well, more “developed” in a sense. As you said, socially aware. And yes…being memorable is a plus. Great post!

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