Fashionably F**ked

hWhat is it with Disabled People who insist on dressing in sports gear?

You know the ones I mean?  the ones dressed less for speed and more for comfort, the jogger bottom brigade, despite the fact that most disabled struggle to walk anywhere (never mind jog).  

In my experience, feeling trendy and fashionable is a rarity.  I often find myself going for practicality over style, Disabled bodies are different to the norm, a designer doesn’t make clothes with the thought that the customer is going to be sat down for 8 hours a day, instead they focus in the more popular body image problems held by the majority of women, which is to be expected, I mean that’s where the money is.

My body is a weird shape, my legs are thin, while my torso is muscle, my arms work everyday harder than most other people I know, my mid rift is that of Buddha, and yet when taken out of my chair really rather flat (which is beyond annoying, let me tell you)..

I am blessed with an ample chest, which whilst I’m proud of Grant and Phil it makes finding work shirts that are fitted and smart hard to find, that with daily, repetitive motion of pushing wheels make these a no go area… Wanna look smart, forget it and suit jackets are often too long in the arm meaning that, they get dragged through all manner of shit before I even get to the office, and with the pushing, comes the jacket flinging off your shoulders after three consecutive moves… they just need a button, just one, to keep it together… why don’t they do this?! 

My trousers need to be higher wasted than most due to the fact I’m on my arse all day, if not, your likely to get a view of my arse crack, which isn’t nice, for anyone.

Shoes are my biggest disappointment in my life, you don’t know disappointment until you find yourself getting excited about the fact you’ve managed to bag yourself a saving, because your feet are so deformed your shoes are no longer classed as clothing, but as a disability aide and thus meaning the purchase is exempt from VAT.

Of course for every odd bodyshape out there, somewhere there is a specialist catalog or website, but unlike stores like Jacamo, or Simply Be, for the larger human, disability clothing is quite frankly a horror story..

If you do a quick Google  search for disability clothing (click the link… ) my point is proven, full of old fashion, wouldn’t be seen dead in, apparel with sarcastic shirts with slogans like ‘I’m only in it for the parking’ it infuriates me. 

I am a young woman in my 20’s who hasn’t got a chip on my shoulder I just want to be feminine and attractive, I luckily have a very honest Mum who tells it like it is and never lets me out of the house looking anything like presentable and my Nanna drilled it into me that I am never to go out without my eyes on, you  never know who is looking at them. So why does my fashion have to suffer?  I want to be just as fashionable as every other woman. 

I am s considering designing a complete range of clothing from accessories to underwear work wear, sleepwear, shoes, shirts trousers and evening wear for both women and men but don’t know the first thing about designing clothes 

My blogs are read by a larger audience than I realize and so I turn to the internet, my readers, fashion followers, designers, bloggers and highstreet chains for your help in designing this clobber and helping millions of disabled people feel fashionable.. The internet is amazing.. It might just work…


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