Have no fear.. (four wheeled) Wonder Woman is here!

I’ve always been a big fan of cinema, for me it can be a distraction from discomfort and a complete avenue of escapism for an imagination that is sometimes limited in reality.  The best present my Mum ever got me on a whim has been a Netfix account. A good chuckle at a comedy or getting absorbed in a romance,  and routing for a hero in a action movie, lets my imagination run wild, like letting an excitable child of it’s rains.

There’s one kind of genre that I have become a massive fan of… Superhero Movies. I only really discovered my love of them when I became a Media Student, quite thankfully actually, if I’d have realized as a child, I would have been in a comic book store all the time and been classed as a geek.  

Now as a  20 something my love of Superheroes is quietly kept under wraps most of the time, I don’t do the conventions, I don’t go to the Supermarket dressed in lycra, but there is something about the whole franchise that is, to someone like me so cool that if professor X sought me out and asked me to recruit to the XMen. I would. Probably. with no hesitation in fact.

 Superheroes are outcasts in society, they feel different and yet in the end, despite this they are the eventual hero. the savior the one society calls on when it all gets a messy. XMen inparticular, have a form of disability to deal with, you often see the hero in an Xmen franchise, suddenly told, they are different. Struggling to comes to terms with it They come to a cross roads and have to decide whether they embrace and accept it, using their difference for a positive outcome. It just so happens that, they save the world. Mutants called on when you humans fuck everything up… 

Frankly an Xmen has a cooler disability than Me. they have super power. I ache, most of the time, They look sexy, I wear comfortable shoes and hardly ever noticed by blokes,  I know it’s not the same but I can definatley see the similarity. I don’t go round calling myself a Mutant, but even that is cooler than the horrible ‘Disabled’ label.

I’ll never the world, and I’d never try and be a superhero but watching a superhero Movie does leave me with a boost, I leave the cinema with a reinforced belive that just because I am ‘different’ it doesn’t mean I’m a write off. I have a talent, just like able bodied people and I might not have a metal skeleton, I can’t read minds or bend spoons but I do alright.

 I also have a renewed feeling of defince toward society and it’s assumptions about me, not in a aggressive way but more of a ‘hold your head up high, be proud of who you are because, actually your doing alright’




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