Thanks to you…

Children in Need has always been a charity close to my heart, partly because, for a while, you could have considered me one.

I have always been very self aware of the fact that even though I have a disability, I am extremely lucky, my condition isn’t life limiting, I am healthy, happy and have a warm bed to sleep in, a Family that love me and Friends who accept me for who I am, without an ounce of pity or because they feel sorry for me.

It’s because of this that I was the first person to volunteer to fundraise for Children in Need when I was at School and over the years raised thousands. Not because I wanted the praise but because I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities as able bodied people.
Children in Need facilitate these opportunities, in many different guises, letting kids be kids and giving them the opportunity to forget about thier issues.  At least, for a while.

When I was younger, my school received a grant from Pudsey and his pals for a set of adapted bikes. Until then, I’d never riden a bike, and was always jealous of the kids who’d had bikes for Christmas.

These bikes meant that I could ride a bike, and I can remember one summer bringing the bike home for six weeks, my little wise legs struggling to work the pedals and finding it so hard, but at the same time feeling so happy. I felt like a normal kid sat on that bike.

I have also been fortunate enough to see what it’s like on the other side of the charity too, working, for a while in the Birmingham appeal office at Children in Need. Speaking to the funded charities made me feel proud of the generosity that comes from the general public and not only that but the money raised really does make a difference to kids like me.

So from the ten year old me, she just wants to say thank you, for letting me experience the feeling of a first bike ride, like every kid should experience.

And from the adult me,  who just wants to say thank you for caring enough to donate your cash in these financially hard times.

Even the tinest donations, can make the biggest, life changing differences.

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