Life is for living…

I often suffer from frustration, it comes from my body not being fully up to speed with my brain, I have limitations which when you are as ambitious and as thirsty for life as I am it can result in a bit of pouting and the occasional yelp of this isn’t fair!

I’ve never been one to just accept what I’m told, If I am told ‘you won’t be able to do that, because you’re disabled’ my answer is ‘Watch me!’

A friend of mine said something to me before he died which has stuck with me ever since. It was the last thing he said as we were leaving the bowling alley after a mini school reunion. I had no idea it was the last time I’d see him and his parting words were:

You should never be afraid to let your heart race, it’s telling your head you’re not done living

With a quick squeeze of my hand and a wink, we went home. I never saw him again.  Since then it has become even more important to do things I want to do, no matter how implausible they might seem, because life to me, is all about experiences and laughter, and living life to the full.

I started to build a bit of a bucket list of ridiculous things I want to do everything from a ride on a zip wire and zorbing down a massive hill to wing walking and going ballroom dancing just like those pretty girls on the telly, I know that some of these will be impossible and that I won’t be able to do some things but goals are good.

I can’t go achieving these adrenaline filled activities without the support of a fantastic group of family and friends who listen to my dreams and either facilitate the reality of the dream or comfort the blow by giving me a vast list of downsides to my next adventure.

I have always wanted to go Ice Skating, but my legs let me down on that front, my friend often says, “Trust me your not missing anything it’s cold, wet and once you’ve gone round once, it’s a bit boring”  this stop my pestering but it didn’t stop me from wanting to experience it.

We’ve never managed to do it.. well, until last night that is, I went with two of my friends to the Frankfurt Market in Birmingham after several rounds with the Bratwurst and beers we headed to the ice rink knowing how much I’ve always want to do it they said we’d give it a go.

We were cold, wet and full of beer and frankly we should have been heading home but my mate was determined to get me on the ice after eventually locating the rink and they way in, we got booted up, many a head turned when the steward asked what shoe size I was..

“I’m not walking, mate” I said he looked positively baffled when I said I wasn’t going to sit it out and was infact going out on the ice with my chair.

it was more like a swimming pool, my friend was pushing me and clung on for dear life all the way round but it was fantastic I was gliding with ease no hills or steep inclines just flat ice.. and alright so , I wasn’t ‘skating’, but believe you me I was channeling my inner Jane Trovil. I loved it, and it was at that moment I realized that I am richer than i deserve even if to the outside to some may not be normal or perfect.

My friends and family are simply the greatest if it wasn’t for them I’d have never swam in the sea, I’d have never have got to the top of the hill in Prague where the palace is and I most definitely could not have gone ice skating.

It’s  for one second, wasted on me that I am one of the lucky ones. I know for a fact that there are disabled people who don’t have people who can help give them the experiences for which I crave, some live with people who really couldn’t care less —  I’m very loved, and only hope everyone knows how much I love them. The enrich my life ways they’ll never know.

….A few laps round an ice rink, and I get totally emotional…..

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I am glad I did. You seem like an interesting person with a veiw of life that is compelling. I hope you keep writing.

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