I’m gonna make a change..

It can often be very difficult to muster positivity, peticularly in these modern times, you can get bogged down in issues that can seem massively world changing, clouding the view of the world we live in. That tricky time at work, the lack of romance in my life, or the apparent battles that others seem to put up obstructing my view of the goals I’m aiming for, can often be the things that tip me over into the abyss of gloom filled thoughts. Especially when my life is at times an already difficult path.

I always try and remain outwardly positive to others who don’t know me as well as some, from an early age my motto has always been ‘nobody wants to be friends with a miserable bitch’ and with my disability meaning that even in this day and age, some people are wary of becoming friends with Disabled People for sheer fear of offending us, it is important to me, that I try and maintain a constant smiling, friendly face and a attitude that makes people relaxed and comfortable in my company.

I am only human though, and sometimes even with the best intentions, I am unable to simply keep smiling and cheerful. I have realised though that the world is a much better place when people are happy, or at least that’s how it is for me. Giving me a purpose and being able to do things for other people is what makes me happier more than anything in this world. 

My limitations mean that I might not be great at helping you build that ikea flat pack wardrobe, I can’t drive to you at 3am to pick you up when you and your lover have had a row, Infact anything remotely practical, you can count me out, and it kills me that this is the case,but what I can do though is talk to you about the latest falling out with your beau, I can agree with you and make you feel better that, yes, they are a compleate wanker, and that you were too good for them anyway.

I can make you laugh. I’d do anything to hear you laugh. The sound of other people laughing and looking slightly happier than they were before they started telling me what was wrong is the thing I get addicted to, to put it simply. I like to make a difference in the world, even in a small, and in the grand scheme of things, insignificant way.

I love to see solidarity with others from others. It makes me smile when I see people, compleate strangers Infact come out in force to support one another in times of extreme difficulty. 

When the 7/7 bombings happened 10 years ago, at the time I didn’t really remember much about the attacks, what I remember is July 8th, when Londoners didn’t stay at home freighted to leave their homes instead they helped one another, carried on despite everything. I saw it happen again when the riots were spreading, and people we’re loosing faith in humanity, the day after we saw communities rally round in force to initiate the self styled clean up operations.

My point is this, no matter what happens in this world the majority of people who inhabit this planet are deep down inside, empathetic caring people, sometimes we get too bogged down in drudgery to see it sometimes, and I know from experience, as someone who relies on the help of others far more than most, most people aren’t as mean spirited as they have us believe. Not in my experience at least, yes the world can sometimes seem dire, and I despair at the news sometimes, we all know it’s not a perfect existence.

So this is why I have decided to try a little harder at being the one to spread a little bit of happiness to others, and also become very irritating too, no doubt , but, I know far more about this life being short than most people my age, I want to try helping out others where I can, in the best way I can, because Kindness is Magic, and in the grand scheme of things I am a very lucky human, things aren’t perfect,  but then again, who’s life is?

Be kind to each other, laugh everyday, and don’t let others rain on your parade. All horrid crap to spout. But all good rules to base an attitude on never the less. I do,not expect any gain from it but I believe in karma and whatever I’m able to do to positively effect others will surely give me positive effects to reap?

Do something amazing with me lets be the positive charge in an increasingly grumpy world.

I’m gonna make a change. 

One thought on “I’m gonna make a change..

  1. Hi Lucy. really liked this column. A good start to a working week when i have a lot on my plate (and probably should be doing soemthing worky rather than reading your blog!).

    I was moved by your recollections of 7/7 and reminded of the sign i see on Twitter occasionally about watching news of far away distasters or attrocities and remembering to look for the people who are helping… “there are always people who are helping”.

    Your blog is great. Honest and straight about the ups and downs you face. That helps some of us readers face whateve we’re facing too.

    Thank you and keep writing.


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