Happy Radio 

What’s your favourite piece of music you listen to when you feel sad, fed up or poorly? Queen? Quo? Or Alfie Boe? What ever it is, I am a great believer that music can make you feel better, I don’t know what it is but I think it should certainly be prescribed on the NHS.

I have been involved with my local Hospital Radio Station for around 5 years, I joined in a mad panic over the state of my life after university, in a bid to try and make it is a presenter, I joined up thinking it would be a ticket to stardom, playing good music and playing about on the radio was an ace way to start. If I stuck at it for a few months at least I’d be able to put the experience on my cv at least, there was a theory behind madness.  I never expected what followed.

What followed was infact a compleate love for entertaining people who are at the lowest ebb, and feeling very poorly indeed, being the people that are the ones who are interested in talking to the patients about something other than thier health and medications, but something that they are actually interested in, like music can make patients smile, and telling them to tune in to the show later that evening to hear the request can give them something to look forward to when the loved ones and visitors have gone home, leaving you with the grapes and a well thumbed copy of Bella.

I didn’t realise just how rewarding the whole thing will be, I never really realised just how many friends I’d make either, make no mistake Hospital Radio is not glamorous and it sure as hell doesn’t pay well, but having a team around you withal shared enthusiasm makes it all worth it. We aren’t just volunteers, we are a family.

Pheonix Hospital Radio is funded purely by donations, we couldn’t do what we do without the fundraising efforts of the team. We are currently looking to raise enough money for a new porta cabin and equipment that will service as a new studio, as the one we have is crumbling around our ears. 

Two of my radio buddies are currently in the mist of a 60 hour Marathon radio show from 10am on Friday 17th to 10pm on Sunday 19th July, which is something incredible. And I couldn’t be prouder of the work that Hospital Radio do this weekend.

I donate to may Just Giving Pages, and never usually ask much in return, well this is about to change. Right now. If you would like to listen to two men, slowly go insane all in the name of charity please visit http://www.phoenixhospitalradio.com and if you are feeling generous, please give what you can.. I know it maybe small to you, but to me it’s a very special station…

You never know when you might need us…

Thank you. 

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