Fit wheeled wonder woman 

It’s the beginning of October and we are a few months away from Christmas. I’m sick of being fat and  tomorrow is the eve of my diet.

Over the last few months my health, I feel has deteriorated. I am out of breath after short transfers, and my self confidence is at an all time low.

It’s very difficult for disabled people, like me to be active and burn calories. My limited mobility means that I can  struggle to move and effectively loose wait.I don’t want to be a superhuman paralympic hero and neither do I  want to succumb to enrolling with armchair athletes with an average age of 76.

The problem for me is a deadly mix, I love food, my Mum is the world’s most amazing cook. Friends joke that they are only still friends because my Mum makes the most delicious food. Cooking is one of the ways my mum expresses love and with that big heart comes big portions. 

Then there other fact that despite the media wanting you to believe that all disabled people are aiming to be Sporty McSportison. I sadly am not. The look on people’s faces when they discover this is a kin to fat shaming.

I’ve always had issues with my body confidence. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m told, I will never really believe that I’m pretty, alluring or desirable. If somebody pays me a compliment, I will just say nothing. It’s hard to live your body when it fails your agile mind every day.

I will do nothing more than respect my body, I admire it purely on the basis that it has survived scrutiny and doubt from all angles and stood firm when people say it’s useless. But loving it, that’s entirely different. Not only does it not work, it’s disgustingly blobula.

Skype why am I telling you this? I have been historically bad at healthy eating in the past, with no will power, I get deprived, grouchy and horrible. So, I’m trying a different tact and writing a blog about my health kick.

I want to loose two stone. I don’t know how much I weigh currently. It’s difficult to tell when you can’t stand on scales, but with the support of my Family and Friends I hope to get thier and i want to share the ride with you.

It won’t be easy, I probably will sulk but I think writing about it might help to keep me stay focused and more determined than ever to become healthy.

No ever disabled person is a paralympic hopeful… 

But if they can be healthy so can I

This. Girl. Can

And it’s Starting from now.

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