This will be my year.

Twenty fifteen is giving it’s final curtain call, and twenty sixteen is waiting in the wings. 

As we await the deluge of ‘New year, new me’ social media posts. I have to admit I’m dreading the start of a new year, purely for the fact that I hate standing in the brink of the unknown.

I will I grumble at the prospect of a new year being a disappointing prospect. 

I am incredibly lucky. There are many of my loved ones and dear friends who would love to be where I am. On the brink of the unknown. I miss them tremendously.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, they are designed to fail. Instead I will open myself up to new adventures, experiences, without hope or agenda that by doing so will make me a better person, all the time being the same as I have been for the last twelve months, and the twelve before that. 

It’s experiences that make a life – I’d be lying if I told you there’s nothing I want to change about mine, but why people feel the need to set targets for these changes at the beginning of every year baffles me. no amount of wishing will work either.

Doing it this way, being kind and calm about life will make me happy and if you are happy and positive. Things will, eventually be alright.. 

No amount of complaints about the past will change your future. Learn from everything you do and call it wisdom.

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