Cloudy with a chance of pain 

I’m lying in bed writing this post, it’s been a difficult few weeks managing my pain. 

As a wheelchair user, I am always in some level of pain or discomfort, none of us know exactly what causes it, but my guess is it’s something to do with being sat still for long periods in the same position. 

I have been very lucky in my life to have the kind of disability that doesn’t require too much medication, the stuff I do take is to make me feel more comfortable rather than a necessity to keep me alive. Never the less it’s not the most joyful of experiences.

I don’t like to witter on and complain about aches, nobody wants to be friends with a moaner and besides I hate having people pity me, but I became aware that my daily gripes behind close doors where more than just a morning grumble instead, they where making me miserable and sad 

That will never do. So I recently visited the Doctor.  

I’m so lucky to have s great doctor who is sympathetic to my needs, we can discuss things and he’s very happy for my suggestions as to what could work. 

He’s also giving me a full check up, as I wheeled into the surgery and he enquirers as to my ailments I simply said  ‘I feel like I’m falling apart’.

After a few questions we came to the conclusion that the pain is worse at night as my body relaxes from an upright position as it, dies spazams occur leaving me in pain and not being able to sleep. We sorted out some meds and I’m pleased to say so far so good, I took the new medication last night, and as a result had the best nights sleep in months, and my pain has lowered. Early days yet but it looks positive. 

I’ve also signed up to give my body to medical science for 6 months today, keeping a check on pain diary and mood, as some science guys and girls believe that weather can alter people’s pain levels. 

I’ve decided to look after myself and my wellbeing far more this year. I’m far too young to feel like a 88 year old lady

There’s far too much being fabulous to do yet! 

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