Don’t let limitations be your limit

I’ve never been one who can take being told ‘no’ very easily. Doing so will probably result in and endless ‘but why though’ arguement that will eventually lead to me showing you exactly what I’m capable of.

I’m a closet fan of those motivational quotes and would probably share my wisdom if it wasn’t, luckily for you, widely seen as socail suicide.

I’m not a big fan of the ‘inspiration porn’ thing either,  I hate to be the one who is held up on a pedestal, as someone who’s better than you because I have seen more hardship than you, the truth is, everyone goes through shit it’s how you deal with things when the skies blacken and the shower of arrows descend.

You can either give up, give in or give it you’ve got.

I was watching Ellen De Generes the other day and saw one of the current contestants of Dancing With The Stars, Nyle DiMarco, Nyle was the won of America’s Next Top Model a few years back.

He is now the first ever contestant on Dancing with The Stars who happens to be deaf and I mean, completely deaf, he can only hear vibrations if the music is loud enough, and in the interview with Ellen he said, he can’t feel or hear anything, when dancing on TV, so he uses a series of taps and scratches from his dance partner to keep time with the track.

As I listened to him speak through an interpreter, I Was struck at how positive he is.

He sat talking about dancing, not making excuses, or looking for pity he was just sharing his experience as a dancer.

If you haven’t seen him, it is astonishing, and proves you should never ever limit your possibilities.

He’s clearly never given up and proves I shouldn’t either. As someone much wiser than me once said

There is no greater pleasure in life than doing something others say you cannot do

You can watch Nyle’s incredible dancing, and interview with Ellen, here

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