Disability does not mean death 

As I write this blog, There’s a protest happening at s movie premier in London. 

I adore the movies, TV and entertaining people, but it seems the media doesn’t really like me. Repeatedly making people with Disabilities the villains in bond films, the pathetic protagonist or with wild accusations that my life isn’t fulfilled as that of my able bodied counterparts

Which of course is bollocks. I am of course talking about Yhd new Hollywood movie ‘You Before Me’, which is causing quite a stir.

As far as I can gather, from talking to my friends who are disabled this film focuses on a paraplegic man and a romance between his carer, as with everything these movies get heavy, and he euthanizes himself because he can’t ‘give himself to her as a full man’ (whatever the hell that means) he figures that his death will give his lover freedom from the burden of him and give her financial security. 

I would have read more into this, but it pissed me off so much that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. 

So I’ll take to this blog and tell you a few things about what my disability really means in the real world. 

Firstly, my disability does not make me want to end it all, yeah there is often a level of frustration but I have never wanted to end it because of those frustration. I know that despite my barriers I have lots to give to the world 

I have a rich life, friends who love me and a devoted family. I laugh, cry and have emotions just like a real girl. 

I understand more than you know and I’m stronger than most, my disability hasn’t closed many doors to opportunities but more opened doors – the wheels make me memorable to many and I relish on this fact! 

Does my Disability make me less of a human?

I will never see myself as a burden.

I am capable of giving myself to a lover as a full woman (what does that even mean?!) 

Disability does not and should not mean death. 

Don’t always belive what you see it’s 2016 hoe long do we have to go before those with disabilities aren’t seen as inspiration porn or sources of pity. 

Go see hr movie if you must. If you have any questions. I’ll tell ya the truth 

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