Video Killed the Radio Star

Having lost my job recently, you can read all about that, in my last blog post. I’ve decided to go away for a bit and reinvent myself. A bit like Tom Jones did that time and returned, and then insisted, albeit for a short while. That everybody called him TJ..

In all seriousness though it’s given me time to think about what I really want to do, what I want my legacy to be and how I can make it work for me, I still hand in heart believe that, at least for me, money isn’t everything and that a job for me is about making a difference for a cause.

I am always harping on about how there’s no representation of disabled people like me, the anti Paralympian hero and definitely not a candidate for inspiration porn

I have a successful blog and Twitter channel that gives an open an honest account of what it’s like to be in w wheelchair and I have Media experience which is a great passion if mine.

I’d really love to properly brand The Four Wheeled Wonder Woman, give her a voice, and create entertaining and informative content that’s accessible to all ages be they able bodied or not

Video diary’s, Product reviews, Documentary style pieces all supported by an active social media presence, will help me to leave a legacy, I don’t know if it’ll ever pay anything, but I am weighing up passion before pennies. If I have a disability, I want to have fun with it and be the voice of disabled people like me the ones who are down the pub not aspiring to be your hero

It’ll take me a while to get the feel of it, set the tone and get the right equipment but if you’d like to subscribe to my channel

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