Four Wheeled Wonder Woman NEEDS YOU!

So my plan to be a YouTube Superhero is coming on quite nicely. By nicely I mean pangs of panic appear when I watch other YouTubers with disabilities who are by far, much younger, cooler and prettier than me.

But I’ve brought the kit now and I’m actually reading books to help me get my head around being a vlogger, so I must be taking it seriously.

I can’t remember why I started blogging, I can remember sitting at my desk at BBC Birmingham around Christmas time on some down time, I decided to blog about working in the media with a disability. I created an account and started to write, the words poured out of me, as did my honest and humour. I find it therapeutic, to write and it was never intended for anyone else to read.

A few years later, I wrote a blog, tongue-in-cheek about why Dating a disabled person is a great idea, and should always be considered. It’s still very popular today, and some of the search terms that lead to people reading make me laugh when you consider that point number 1 about why you should date me is that I have a blue badge.

Not long after is published that blog post, it went viral and at one point I was in the pub and overheard someone talking about my blog. It was amazing to think people were reading MY Blogs, they wanted to read MY opinion. I wasn’t being annoyed by society as a blogger for the first time, I had a voice and people where listening.

It’s been a tough few years as a blogger and for a long time I’d stopped, I kind of ran out of things to say and I was boring myself. So I fell silent, using my Twitter account to share my life.

I recently made the decision to talk about my disability on Twitter as openly and as honestly as I possibly could, it’s my belief that the only way we will ever end the awkward about impairment is to be honest, not to be over sensitive and precious about people’s curiosity, just because they’ve not used the right term.

I’d rather you ask me questions and engage with me, than meet me and be too scared to say anything and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I don’t post the difficult updates, for sympathy but to help you gain an understanding of what my disability is really like.

I never proclaim that the way my disability effect me is the way every disabled person experiences disability.

I know that I’m incredibly lucky to only have, in the main, my legs effected by cerebral palsy, but I know that there are others out there with cerebral palsy who are far more independent than I’ll ever be.

It seems to go down well with readers, but as with everything with this digital age, there’s always someone who hates you. I am no exception, they don’t make exceptions for the special kids in the Twitter playground and you have to grow a thick skin if you want to play.

It’s time to take The Four Wheeled Wonder Woman to the next level, and make her a brand.

If I am going to start vlogging and blogging about my life as a wheelchair user, then it’s important I do research into the audience I have, up until now I’ve blogged as a hobby and never really concerned myself with Target Audiences but now I’m taking it more seriously I need to build a Channel and Brand Strategy.

If you read my blogs and have some time to answer some questions, please could you fill in the survey and help me out?

I need constructive feedback, no attempts to anonymously flirt and tell me how pretty I am and please don’t use this as a forum to assassinate my character. I was recently told I lack self awareness, that I do yourself & other disabled people a huge disservice & sharing my life stories ventures into self-pity a lot.

I don’t shy away from criticism, but the feedback was very personal and not at all helpful. It begs the question why are you reading my blogs if they depress you

If you could give me some feedback it would be appreciated

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