Clip Clapping over your rickety rackety bridge…

Manners Maketh Man. That’s what they say. My Mother and Father brought me up to be polite, kind and respectful back before social media took hold of our daily lives and trolls had rainbow hair and wishing gems in there Belly buttons Those where the days.

I’ve had two instances of bullying throughout my life so far, once at University and where the lecturer believed I was never gong to get anywhere in life because I was disabled, and the other by a fellow disabled person I went to School. but I’ve always been confident in the belief that I can do anything and those that belittle or tell me I can’t will just have to eat there words.. and they do.

These instances have changed me, for the better. Life on four wheels gives you a thick skin, to brush of stares, gorps, mutterings about you under the breaths of trolls.  You have to think of each stare as if you’re famous, and that the reason the people stare is because your kind of a big deal.

I have said before that Social Media gives me an opportunity to show people exactly what it like to have a disability, being as open an honest as I can breaks down taboos and shows people that it’s not all free parking and government handouts.

There’s down days, sometimes dips and there’s euphoric days where you don’t just jump the bar of expectation but you clear it, where your rolling on tarmac and floating on air – sharing life’s little triumphs and terrors with my online friends is helpful and the kindness is mind blowing.

But of course, socail media is like a bridge and under every bridge, there lives the trolls, with brains the size of peas and mouths in the gutter, living red faced and angry about the world.  the fact that I’m kind and approach life with vigour, yet I’m disabled winds them up so they lever any attack on me and my spaz chariot, in an attempt to get a rise.

What of course they don’t seem to realise is, that I have had every insult hurled at me in lifetime, very little offends me and these days, so I smile and pass a comment. I find ‘Quote tweet’ works wonders I highlight it and let Twitter do the rest, they soon delete it and retreat to there hovel.

What is harder for me to grasp is the increase abuse I seem to be receiving from the disabled community. People often ask me

Is there much in fight between disabled people?

The answer is yes, it’s unbelievable how rife it is. In recent weeks I asked for feedback about my blogs and my plans for YouTube videos. It was the second response that really took me back.

In the anonymous survey I was told by a woman who follows me on Twitter that ‘I was a disgrace to the disabled community, that my openness and posts about my pain levels and down days verge on sounding like self pity.’ The absolute character assassination went past my social media content and became personal.

I take all criticism on board, especially where I asked for it. And maybe I will tone down the whinging, but calling me a disgrace to the disabled community really is unfair. Just because I don’t get on with all Disabled people doesn’t mean I don’t like disabled people. My best friends were disabled, they died far too soon than is fair for this world and I miss them more than I could possibly explain. I’ve spent my entire life, instilling in disabled people that you can do anything you bloody well want. I can’t get in with everyone and even when you identify as a minority group there are people within that group I cannot stand. Sorry my fellow Brothers and Sisters it’s how it is.

I live a life that is, where possible, limitless. I love life, laughing and everything in between, I but my face on and don’t wear joggers out of the house. I don’t let the fact I’m disabled stop me from anything and I never use it as an excuse to shy away. I am disabled and proud. It’s not the be all and end all.

This person follows me on Twitter and has done for a while, of you really think I’m a disgrace, unfollow me, you really mean nothing to me.

I wobbled for a little while, questioned if I was a disgrace to the disabled community. I came to the conclusion that I can’t please everyone. I have a voice, and up until now have been a ambassador for the disabled community I’ve disgraced so much.

Let me clip clop over your bridge, dear troll, I’m going to break so much ground it’ll devastate you

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