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who has a disability, trips and visits often must be planneddays; sometimes weeks in advance. There’s nothing more humiliating than turningup to a venue and realising you can’t get into an event or building, can’t usethe loos, or have someone looking at you, staring, in full internal panic whilethey cobble together a solution to this include this disabled person who daredto venture out of the house. There have been times I’ve left places and gohome, so upset and frustrated at my barriers that I’ve just wanted to stop athome with Netflix.

It shouldn’t be like this in this day and age, it’s the 21stcentury and you’d think in the age of the internet, finding access informationabout anywhere I want to visit should be easy to find, but it isn’t, it’s afunny little foot note hidden away on like a weird treasure hunt, and when youdo find it, it’ll often cover parking and toilets or direct you to a phonenumber for further assistance… exhausting, huh?

It’s time for a revolution for those with disabilities andaccess needs, we deserve better, we deserve adventure

A new App, AccessAble, has officially launched into theApple and Google Play Stores. Developed by a national disability organisation,it aims to transform the quality and availability of accessibility information.

The App provides Detailed Access Guides to 10,000s of placesacross the UK and Ireland. These Guides aren’t personal reviews, but step bystep descriptions of what accessibility is like at a particular place – theyare 100% facts, figures and photographs. Crucially each Guide is created havingbeen visited by an AccessAble Surveyor, who can collect over 1,000 piece ofinformation for just one venue. The type of information collected is all drivenby AccessAble’s 35,000 strong user community.

Users can create a profile, save their favourites and set their own preferences using AccessAble’s Accessibility Symbols.

Log in, Save your access preferences and you’re good to go!

Guides are detailed and I mean really detailed, it includesinformation on things I hadn’t even thought I might need and the app is not acomplicated thing to use, it’s fast, and very informative on a wide range ofvenues from restaurants to cinemas, sporting venues and even hospitals thisapp  makes me feel so confident to trynew places and explore.

The real beauty of this, is that this is an app meaning youcan download it to a phone, iPad #or tablet and this wealth of information isat your fingertips. Plans changed?  Nodrama just search for your desired activity using the ‘near me’ function andthe app will give you all the information it has about things to do nearby.  This app isn’t just useful for people withdisabilities and access requirements but new parents with buggies can alsobenefit from this app too.

If you know someone who is perhaps a bit nervous of goingnew places and trying new things, tell them about the work of AccessAble andgive them the gift of adventure. Its time disabled people came out of theirpigeon holes and lived life without fear of being denied spontaneity.

Adventures are out there and is waiting for you

Lucy Wood – AccessAble Champion


AccessAble is available for download on Andrioid and IoS and to celebrate the launch of their brand-new app, have a £50 iTunes/Google Play gift card to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, simply download the AccessAble App, leave a review in the app store and email with your iTunes or Google Play username.

Closes at midnight on 28th February. Winner will be randomly selected

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